Comedy funk band Sexbruise? released their latest EP, COVID-69, on Friday. If you guessed the EP’s title, you’re probably a fan of Sexbruise? already.

According to the band, there are many “cryptic” references to the pandemic, like the encouraging U.S. citizens to “pray this virus away.”

“Subtlety and symbolism have always been one of Sexbruise?s many, many strong points,” the band said in a press release.

“Guided Meditation,” the intro tune, gives advice to take your mind off the virus. “Dip your head in mayonaise/ feel it travel down your body/ from the top of your head, face and neck,” vocalist Stratton Moore sings.

“Physical” chronicles a “love affair” between a patient and a doctor during a routine visit. “In the USA” is a satire of country, meaning bar fights and trucks are referenced a lot.

The high point is the final track, “We don’t have the Virus.” It’s more of the goofy electro funk that made Sexbruise? something of a household name in the scene.