• You take your flu shot. I’ll take mine.

Sexual intercourse once or twice a week raises the body’s level of the immune-boosting antibody immunoglobin A by a third, according to research at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania.

• In unrelated news, I’m sure. A communicable disease shuttered Bob Jones University a week early. School sends kids home to share the Christmas season’s bounty.

• Michael Vick gets 23 months for dog fighting. Worried about being Vick’s bitch, Scooter Libby decides against appeal that could have meant prison time.

[image-1]• White House says it would happily comment on destroyed CIA tapes, but it used one “Get Out of Jail Free Card” on Libby and the game only comes with two.

• Olga will not be denied!

• Boxer Floyd Mayweather told to retire on top as a boxing legend. What! Legends don’t retire, they try to eat contenders in the ring.

• Penguins are making a comeback. Romney ready to hire their agent, willing to make the outfit work.

• John Edwards is dragging Kevin Bacon around Iowa. I’m waiting for the YouTube where they do the Footloose dance together. That would show Chuck Norris! Think this has nothing to do with Oprah? You wish. The same press release announces the formation of the John Edwards Book Club. Not kidding.