In typical fashion, the Southern Foodways Potlikker event in Marion Square last night went off the rails in a most fabulous way. By the end of the night, people were flinging fish into the palm trees, inspired by Joe York’s films and a provided bucket of fresh porgy.

But before the fish-flinging, we ate. The Fatback Collective was on hand roasting lambs and pigs and frying up some fish. Rodney Scott from Hemingway S.C. was there serving his fine barbecue.

Sean Brock of McCrady’s, Ashley Christiansen of Poole’s Diner in Raleigh, and Donald Link from Cochon were also serving up delicious treats. A shout out to Ashley’s potato with cream and padlefish roe. I kind of knew that would be an awesome little bite, and it was.

Check out the carnage at Brock’s lamb table. Total decimation.

We also drank and congregated, two things highly encouraged by the SFA. Fullsteam was on hand with their very Southern beer made with seasonal ingredients.

  • Stephanie Barna
  • Sean Lilly Wilson of Fullsteam and Nicki Root of Grassroots Wine

I ran into the guys who make up the clams part of the Lambs and Clams world tour (more on that later). They’re the Rappahannock River Oyster guys.

Then we watched several of Joe York’s short films, all of which were funny, poignant, and fascinating (the beauty of the SFA is that the films are on their site, and you can watch them anytime). Cured is all about Allan Benton, who made curing country hams seem way too simple. I’m pretty sure it’s harder than just salt, sugar, and time.

The Deadliest Throw was about the 26th Annual Mullet Toss on a beach on the border of Florida and Alabama. It inspired the interactive part of the evening.

After the movies, York encouraged us to talk to our grandmas, get in the kitchen and cook, and keep the South tasty. And then everyone went outside to toss some porgies, which people did for a good hour, much to the dismay of the rentacop who looked on disapprovingly. We’re not sure how many landed in the palm trees, but if you smell something fishy