The women in Shattering Pearls have been performing together for a mere four months, but they have nothing but good things to report. “We got together for a competition at Theatre 99 a few months ago,” says Renee Fincke. “We made a team but didn’t practice or get together for more than 10 minutes before the show.”

Despite the lack of preparation, Shattering Pearls was funny enough to win, and the trio has maintained the same low-key approach ever since. Fincke and Theatre 99 co-founder Brandy Sullivan (The Have Nots!, Mary Kay Has a Posse, Neckprov) provide the improv while Annie Boxell plays the piano.

The crew heads into performances armed with high energy, high hopes, and not much else. They rely on the crowd for an inspiring suggestion. Typically Fincke and Sullivan set the scene before the music starts, but really there’s no strict order to follow. Audiences are as likely to find them bursting into song as mindlessly bantering.

Their first breakout song came in a scene in which Fincke played an angel in heaven welcoming Sullivan’s newcomer, who must surrender his penis before gaining entry. Cue the song: “There Are No Penises in Heaven.”