Credit: Kati Baldwin

Cosmic Americana outfit She Returns From War has started the first leg of a September tour with new songs to unveil and a return to the Royal American stage Sept. 17. 

Frontwoman Hunter Park will be joined by her longtime bandmates keyboardist Camille Rhoden and guitarist/drummer JP Chapa. 

Amid recent COVID spikes, varying venue safety requirements and lower vaccination rates in the South may not seem hospitable to touring musicians, but She Returns From War is determined to make the best of it as safely as possible. 

“I’m trying to ride this happy medium,” Park said about encouraging masks and requiring vaccination cards or 72-hour test results for the tour. She is also working with the venues to cancel shows if numbers in that specific area are too high. 

She has accepted the fact that SRFW may not be playing some venues due to safety precautions and that could mean losing out on income opportunities.

“It’s not about money anymore. It’s about trying to give hope to people who really love live music.”

With tour dates ahead in Georgia and the Carolinas, SRFW will then join Charleston’s Southern psych band Susto on tour at Codfish Hollow in Maquoketa, Iowa Oct. 30 and HI-FI in Indianapolis Nov. 2. 

Park respects that social aspects of our world are going to be limited until we get on the same page. “I remember when it was ‘We are all in this together” and trying to fight the good fight. I feel like people lost that when the world opened back up. I don’t know what the future holds, but art is a healing thing, and that’s what I can focus on.”