Last week, we noted the desperate attempt to wrangle more than $400,000 out of Washington to study deepening the shipping routes through the Charleston Harbor.

Sen. Lindsey Graham is looking to secure an earmark for the project, but he doesn’t have much support with Jim DeMint’s staunch opposition to targeted funding for South Carolina projects.

Now, gubernatorial candidate Vincent Sheheen, a Democrat, is challenging Nikki Haley to support the project.

This confrontation is less about earmarks and more about linking Haley to the stimulus stalling from the current administration. Gov. Mark Sanford made national news when he attempted to refuse federal aid at the height of the recession.

The move angered those in Sanford’s own party who were convinced that the money would be spent in other states if we didn’t take it. And that South Carolina taxpayers would still be responsible for paying back a portion of that debt.

“This is clearly a time for every elected official in South Carolina to set aside partisanship and join forces,” stated Sheheen in a statement. “If Congress does not act now, there could be potentially devastating consequences for the Port of Charleston and thousands of jobs in our state.”