I’ve said it plenty of times here in Haire of the Dog, the heart and soul of the Republican Party is in the Upstate of South Carolina, particularly Greenville and Spartanburg counties.

The money’s there. The base is there. The fanatics are there — and, boy oh boy, do they ever love to beat their Bibles. If a Republican candidate doesn’t have the folks in Green Vegas and Sparkle City backing him up, he’s frikkin doomed.

Like an honest man at NPR.

A MoveOn journalist at a Rand Paul rally.

Or Justin Bieber. I’ve consulted with the spirits on these matters, and the things I could tell — but which proper decorum prevent me from saying — would give you the chillls. For those of you who really need to know, I’ll give you a two-word tease: Hair plugs.

And just as bleak as the future looks for Bieber, it looks like bad days just might be ahead for Nikki Haley. Why? Now, the very conservative Spartanburg Herald-Journal has endorsed Vincent Sheheen, saying:

This is a conservative page, and the most conservative candidates are usually endorsed in this space. While Republican Nikki Haley may be considered more conservative than Sheheen, a Democrat, the state senator from Camden is not “an Obama liberal” as he has been portrayed. He is a conservative Democrat.

Beyond that, he is the candidate in this race who can best lead this state. He is the candidate who seems to have spent more time considering the problems the Palmetto State faces and how those problems should be met.

The Herald Journal adds, noting one of their reason for not endorsing Haley:

The personal attacks each has made on the other have varying degrees of validity. Most major law firms at some point represent individuals against the state, so they can be accused of suing the state’s taxpayers. And many businesses and some individuals pay their taxes late with extensions, but that doesn’t make them tax cheats. It’s unfortunate for the state that so much of this gubernatorial campaign has focused on these personal attacks.

What should be more relevant to voters are allegations about candidates using their offices for personal gain. Haley has gotten two jobs, a consulting contract for an engineering firm and a fundraising job with a Lexington hospital, that seem to be based on her legislative connections. That’s problematic.

Yes, it is.

Hopefully by Sunday, if not tomorrow, we’ll know who the Post and Courier and the Greenville News endorsed in the governor’s race.