The State asked a few questions about campaign fundraising today (candidates will be rolling out their third-quarter numbers in the next week or so). The only news to really report right now is that state Sen. Vincent Sheheen has raised $700,000 so far this year, with $190,000 raised since July.

From The State:

Will Sheheen’s fundraising total be impressive 10 days from now?

The answer to that question is likely “no.” Getting out front on this gives Sheheen a brief headline, but our guess is that the campaign expects to be in the middle of the pack somewhere. If they thought they were way out front, they would have held off for some comparison. If they thought they were way behind, they wouldn’t have risked a headline proclaiming that fact.

The Democratic field has expanded to six candidates this quarter, as State Superintendent of Education Jim Rex and former Columbia lobbyist Dwight Drake announced their candidacies. Both Rex and Drake have the potential to be formidable fundraisers. Could they eclipse Sheheen?

Rex and Drake likely will be flexing some money muscle, while also stressing their late entry into the race and prospects for a strong fourth quarter.