[image-1]Charleston native Shepard Fairey, receiving lots of attention for his Obama posters touting Hope and Progress, was arrested in Denver during the DNC convention, according to the Denver Westword News.

Fairey was in the process of hanging posters advertising his gallery show when police in full riot gear approached him.

In a video interview with the website www.imeem.com, Fairey says that as the group tried to exit the other end of the alley, the police drew their guns. “Get on the fucking ground or we’re going to kick you in the fucking head!” Fairey quotes them as saying. The artists were thrown down, handcuffed and arrested, charged with “interference and posting unauthorized posters.”

Fairey and company spent seventeen hours in jail, first at the infamous “Gitmo on the Platte” warehouse the city set up for DNC protesters; also in the house were about 100 anarchists whom police had pepper-sprayed and arrested earlier that evening.