[image-1]Anyone hoping to learn more about Charleston native Shepard Fairey’s rise to prominence as a renowned street artist and graphic designer will want to have their Hulu subscription in place by November.

According to a recent announcement from comingsoon.net, the video streaming service’s fall lineup includes the documentary titled Obey Giant. Slated to premiere Sat. Nov. 11, the film is described as an extensive look at the intersection of street art and activism, punk rock and politics, specifically as it relates to Fairey’s most iconic work — the “HOPE” poster depicting former President Barack Obama.

According to the report, Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker James Moll and Golden Globe-winner James Franco are the executive producers behind the film that follows Fairey’s path from his skate scene roots to the world of modern art.

While you wait for the November premiere of Obey Giant, take a look back at the City Paper’s 2011 interview with the celebrated artist.