[image-1]In response to last Thursday’s deadly shooting at Virginia’s restaurant, the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office will provide three one-day training classes in Training Force USA, a program designed to train people how to avoid workplace violence.

Sheriff Al Cannon, S.C. Representative Wendell Gilliard, and Randall Goldman, the president of the Greater Charleston Restaurant Association, gave a press conference today to discuss the program.

“They developed this program right after the Emanuel AME shootings. So that’s what started it off. Then over 500 people went through this training,” explained Goldman by phone following the press conference. “In the next couple of weeks there will be three sessions, each session one day free to anybody of any workplace sector, not just restaurants, for workplace security.”

Goldman says that the sessions will help people learn how to notice threats, how to deal with them, and how to convey to staff what to do when this occurs. “We want to help develop a policy so that when something does happen, you know what to do.”
[content-2] During the press conference, Goldman also encouraged restaurateurs to consider background checks as well, but cautioned that one check might not be enough.

“The quality of these resources varies. Some will run a one-time preliminary run for $15 or $20, but what they don’t tell is about cases that are still pending. What about a charge has been alleged, but it gets expunged? Those agencies aren’t real apt to reach back out and say ‘Oh remember John Doe? we cleared him last week, it’s been expunged.’ They’re not gonna do that.” That’s why Goldman says checking references is so important in the Charleston restaurant community.

“A call on a reference on that sheet is oftentimes more valuable than gold,” he says.

The Training Force USA all-day classes will begin Sept. 5 and end on Sept. 7. To sign up, call the (843) 202-1700.