Restaurateur Drazen Romic (Lana Restaurant) has been hard at work redoing the old Shine space at 58 Line St. for the last two months. He and his team are transforming the cool, trendy space into a warmer, more accommodating restaurant and tapas bar that will be called Barsa. There is not a set date for an opening, since it’s looking like another month before things come completely together.

The exterior is being painted a sky blue while the inside will be covered in a warm, deep red and a yellow that’s on its way to fall orange. Shine’s bar, an abrupt protrusion that separated the space, has been torn out. A new bar with clean, straight lines is being built in its place, making the cozy nook to the right of the front door far more accessible.

Romic is unsure of his final vision for the space and prefers to piece things together one by one. He mentioned that his original idea for Lana was a black, white, and stainless concept, and if you’ve ever been to Lana, it has a much more intimate and cozy atmosphere, which seems to be the same direction that Barsa is heading.

There isn’t a menu set for Barsa, but Romic wants to keep things simple and provide quality tapas. He will be working with Shine chef Shay MacDonald to figure it out once the furniture is in place. Romic says that all the employees working at Shine when it closed at the beginning of the summer were offered jobs upon the reopen.

When asked why he wanted to take a stab at a new restaurant, Romic says, “I was looking for a challenge and change.” Change is certainly happening at the corner of King and Line. Quality service, quality food, quality atmosphere, all combined with good prices is Romic’s formula, which he hopes will fare better than Shine, but he is not afraid to note, “It’s a risk.”