Corrie Wang of Short Grain says that tomorrow at their weekly Edmund’s Oast Brewing Co. pop-up with Life Raft Treats they’re going to go where few men have dared to go before: the world of competitive eating.

(But don’t worry, you don’t have to gorge yourself to enjoy these super-sized treats.)

Short Grain will be selling “The Mighty O.G.,” comprised of all the ingredients we know and love — spicy mayo, ponzu, sushi rice, pickles, Abundant Seafood tuna, and eggs — but large enough to feed six people. The super-sized O.G. will be $75.

If you’d rather stuff your face with a sweet over-the-top indulgence, Cynthia Wong’s Life Raft Treats will be serving up its new ‘Wongducken,’ an ice cream turducken that “looks like a Thanksgiving turkey, wings, legs and all, but is coated in the crunch coating that’s on the Not Fried Chicken.” This sweet, sweet frozen bird is said to be about the size of a large turkey with a butterscotch sauce core with a blackberry sorbet layer, yuzu coconut sherbet, chocolate sorbet, and crispy chocolate pearls surrounded by vanilla ice cream, all coated in caramelized white chocolate and cornflakes. (Whew.)

The Wongducken feeds 12 to 16 people and will sell for $50 and … there is only one, y’all.

Anyone can partake in the eating of either the Mighty O.G. or the Wongducken but to win (a T-shirt, the massive meal for free, LinkedIn endorsement, etc.) you and you alone have to finish the O.G. in 10 minutes or the Wongducken in under 15. “Yes, that’s a lot of food to consumer in only fifteen minutes, but it takes a lot to be a champion,” says Wang.

The competition kicks off at 5 p.m., and in the spirit of Super Size Me, EOCBC will also be offering large format drink specials. If you can’t make it to dinner, stop by for lunch service (starting at 11 a.m.). May the best bottomless hole of a human win.