Earlier today, Shovels & Rope dropped their third-ever video and the first one off their upcoming LP, Little Seeds.

Debuted by NOISEY — VICE’s music-centric little sis — the track “I Know” is a rockin’, punk-abilly ’cracker that’s ShoRo through and through. And it’s a story about what the Charleston couple has seen behind the scenes of the music industry.

Michael Trent told NOISEY, “Competition can be an ugly side of show business, where friendly rivalries can devolve into petty jealousies. In our video for ‘I Know,’ we dress those ugly feelings up all pretty and pit them against each other in a beauty contest.”

And they do so with glitter, feathers, wigs … and a drag show. Yep, it’s a pretty fabulous drag show beauty contest. Cary Ann Hearst and Trent got dolled-up for the occasion, too — she in a bowler hat and he in red lipstick performing “I Know” on a darkened stage. 

The video was created by The Moving Picture Boys, the same guys who made The Ballad of Shovels & Rope

Little Seeds is set to drop Fri. Oct 7 via New West Records. To pre-order the record, head over here.