The long-awaited new album from Shovels & Rope, By Blood, drops today, April 12. The follow-up to 2016’s Little Seeds, CP music contributor Vincent Harris calls By Blood the band’s “most zero-fucks-given release yet.”

By Blood also comes as ShoRo kicks off its third annual High Water Festival in North Charleston this weekend.

In our HWF cover story this week, we checked in with Cary Ann and Michael, asking them what they were channeling when they were assembling By Blood.

By Blood is the most cinematic record we have ever made. It has sounds that are new for us, that shape and drive the emotion of the music in new ways. Especially the song “By Blood,” because it’s a song about fierce love and mortality. It takes place in the fall and the music sounds autumnal. It sounds like crisp, cool weather and changing leaves. “Twisted Sisters,” sonically, conjures the impeding havoc about to be wreaked by two ravaging tornadoes. The last chorus is a sonic version of the house-in-the-twister scene from Wizard of Oz (or Twister!), all floating on a chorus of horns, strings, and screams. “Hammer” is a work song where the singer finds himself put to work by the system in the fighting against the system, like a snake swallowing his own tail.

If you’re picking up By Blood this weekend, stop by Monster Music (or your local indie record shop) on Saturday for Record Store Day, where they’ll have a trove of special releases just for you. Paralyzed by the long list of RSD specials? Here are our picks to get you started.