It’s shrimping season, and you know that means there’s a lot of fresh shrimp around town. Check out some of the best places to grab yours today.

1) Charlie Brown Seafood has “fresh local shrimp” $6.99 per pound, $19.50 3 pounds. “Fresh, ripe, extremely tasty.” They’ve had a steady flow – they get their shrimp from Marvins

2) Crosby’s Seafood Inc. offers fresh and frozen shrimp. 

3) Shrimp got in at Geechie Seafood Dock on May 23rd. On another Facebook page (that specifies “Trawler Warren H. Rector”), saying that large roe are available for 24 count $10 heads off large 15 count $6 heads on large

4) Huffs Seafood: fresh local head-on shrimp (starting yesterday). IQF 21/25 $12.99 head off shrimp, same size head on is $7.99. They also have 36/40 available in 5 pound boxes. Guy says it’s a little early to tell anything about the shrimp season. He says they’ve been catching, though

5) Livingston’s Bulls Bay Seafood has had shrimp since May 29. 10/15 is the size, pay by the pound – 1 pound for $5.25

6) Marvin’s Seafood: fresh head on local shrimp for $5.99/lb (June 1st)

7) Mount Pleasant Seafood definitely has shrimp

8) St. Jude Farms does offer fresh shrimp (not sure prices). Graze and Caviar & Bananas buys from them and it is offered in dishes

9) Clammer Dave’s Sustainable Gourmet: They say quality is great, they’re large, and that the prices are fair (they’re not yet into the season, though)

10) Fish Net Seafood: 6.99/pound for fresh head-on, 7.99, 8.99 for head-on. Really nice shrimp, but it hasn’t been steady. They mentioned that the crab season has been awful 

-Could be a drop in local shrimp prices this year
-Predicting more than 500,000 pounds of white shrimp (almost double from the last two years) – this is due to the mild winter weather

-“Tommy Edwards In Mount Pleasant said that he pulled in more than 700 pounds of shrimp…Edwards said the shrimp were big and beautiful”