The new family steakhouse in town, Halls Chophouse, will be hosting Californian winemaker Adam Lee on Tuesday night.

Coming to Charleston for an exclusive dinner and intimate evening of sharing stories of his life and his love for vinification, Lee, who is the founder of Siduri Wines in Santa Rosa, has received much attention from wine critics for his famed pinot noir (of which he makes 20 different kinds per year).

Pinot is both his passion and his topic of conversation for Tuesday night. Even Eddie Vedder, who keeps himself going with bottles of Siduri Van der Kamp Pinot in hand on stage, can agree that Lee has a great thing going over at Siduri.

And if you’ve have yet to stop by Halls, you should take this unique opportunity to do so and enjoy yourself some Pinot. The experience is bound to be a sensual one. Reservations are required, so go make some. —Hadley Lyman