Word spread last week that Sienna was closed and “available” real estate signs were plastered all over the Daniel Island restaurant’s windows.

On hearing the rumors, I dispatched Robert Moss, who had just eaten there in January for our latest Dish update, to see what was up. He confirmed that it was indeed dark and shuttered. But that’s not too much of a surprise, since the restaurant had been on the market for a long time. Chef Ken Vedrinski says he left the restaurant more than a year ago to open Trattoria Lucca and, while he maintained his monetary partnership, his business partner Andy Selent was left to run the restaurant with his own people and his own concept.

And that concept was still pretty strong, according to Moss, who wrote: “Co-chefs Matt Brown and David Lafour continue Sienna’s legacy with a menu that changes daily and features handmade pastas and fresh local fish. Rich, savory flavors blend with citrusy sweetness in delightful treats like a carpaccio of golden beets with pickled onions and tangerine agrumato or a swordfish steak with pancetta and white balsamic mignonette sauce. Food like this keeps Sienna on the short list of Charleston’s best Italian restaurants.”

The worst part of Sienna closing is that it appears next to Ken Vedrinski’s name on the James Beard Award nomination list, which was released today. (I linked to Eater since the JB site was not responding, probably due to everyone accessing it to see who’s on the list.) Hopefully that won’t diminish his chances at the prize.