[embed-2]Last week, we spied Frothy Beard Brewing partner Wesley Donehue posting “signs of progress” at Frothy’s new West Ashley brewery. Similar to initial renderings, the brewery now features its bearded mascot smiling at Sam Rittenberg traffic.

The Frothy crew has been hard at work over the past few months outfitting an old church space in the Ashley Landing shopping center (Publix, Red Orchids, Starbucks, etc.), prepping for a move from North Charleston. In May, the group announced that Zombie Bob’s Pizza will also be serving up pies in the tasting room.

Today, Donehue tells us that the brewery is now eyeing a January opening. “Turns out that construction is a massive pain,” Donehue says. The logo sign was painted by David Boatwright, who Donehue says will be doing more original art on the building’s outdoor deck, which will sit to the side of the building.

Donehue says the city’s West Ashley Revitalization Commission has been “very helpful” as they build out West Ashley’s first brewery. The new board actually meets for the first time tonight in Frothy’s new space.