The Charleston Symphony Orchestra and McCrady’s introduce the silent comedy Charlie Chaplin wanted to be remembered for, The Gold Rush!, at the Memminger Auditorium on Fri., March 12 at 8 p.m. The orchestra welcomes guest conductor and new Music Director and Conductor for the Lexington Philharmonic Scott Terrell. He will lead the film’s full musical score, composed entirely by Chaplin, allowing guests to experience the film as people did in the 1920’s.

You’ll see the great silent comedian act out classic scenes on the big screen such as eating an old boot from a soup pot, and entertaining imaginary dinner guests with a pair of dancing dinner rolls stabbed with forks. Originally released in 1925, Chaplin reprises his role as the Little Tramp. He is a lonely prospector looking for love and acceptance while in the midst of the Klondike gold frenzy. Joining in on his adventures are a prospector, an escaped fugitive, and a saloon girl (the Tramp falls in love with her). And as with every McCrady’s Pops performance, ticket holders will receive a special price of $35 for a three-course meal at the restaurant.