Boone Hall Plantation hosted its annual Wine Under the Oaks festival on Sunday. Local vendors set up shop on the plantation house front lawn, offering wine and nibbles to guests. Featured wines included everything from Spanish cavas to white merlots to chocolate cabernet sauvignons. In the food department, highlights included Seel’s on Sullivan’s pickled shrimp shooters, and the ham and cheese biscuits from Rita’s.

Gary Langevin, from the appropriately titled restaurant Couco Pazzo (“the crazy chef”) was by far the most boisterous chef at the festival. He sang phrases like, “It’s-a meat-a-ball!” while handing out samples of his cheese ravioli with meatballs in marinara sauce. Over the oaks at Boone Hall, skies were cloudy but bright, and guests relaxed at the tables with newly purchased bottles of wine. An easy-listening band, saxophonist and all, played between the famous white pillars of the plantation house, while inside, ladies in hooped skirts and men in colonial garb gave tours of the historic home, which was all decked out for Christmas.