Lululemon In Store
279 King St. Downtown

We’ve all been there before: you walk into Lululemon for a quick glance, and end up trying to justify those new $100 yoga pants, knowing fair well they may never experience a single chaturanga or downward dog in this lifetime. Well, this summer you can finally give yourself a reason without the guilt, and join in on Lululemon’s free in-store workouts every Sunday. Fight off the Sunday Scaries with sweat as you indulge in an array of workouts from yoga to HIIT — whatever your cup of tea, Lululemon is more than just a fashion statement, it’s a lifestyle. Trust us, it’s a lot easier to drop it low when you get to do it to an upbeat playlist while wearing fun printed pants. Don’t worry, the class is only 45 minutes, so you’ll still have time for those mimosas at Uptown Social you’ve been craving (you know you want to). Grab a mat, grab your friends, and make sweaty Sundays your new summer tradition. And yes, those new yoga pants are totally justified.

Pale Horse CrossFit
62 Brigrade St. Downtown

Maybe I’m biased, but Pale Horse has become my personal pick of poison this summer. I had always been curious to see what they hype was all about, but fear kept getting in the way. I used to think you had to be a certain type of person to do CrossFit, but boy was I wrong. Now that I finally bit the bullet, I’m never turning back. From the outside looking in, the workout can seem intimidating, but the people at Pale Horse are some of the most welcoming in all of Charleston. By confronting my fears, I’ve found that the benefits of the gym are far beyond physical. Still not convinced this is right for you? Fear not, each exercise can be scaled to your own athletic ability without compromising the benefits of the workout. Whether you’re a seasoned marathon runner, or a first time gym goer, CrossFit is for every stage of life. Owner Caleb Ball, along with coaches Clare Burton and Cal Bauer, have created an environment that will make even the most timid first timer feel welcome. Take it from a former couch potato — Pale Horse will leave you sweating, smiling, and wanting more — isn’t that the point?

Still Soul Studio
579 King St. Downtown

Meditation might not rev up your heart rate like a 45-minute sweat on the StairMaster does, but it can be the make it or break it factor in achieving your fitness goals. With another summer upon us in Charleston, everyone wants to be swimsuit ready. It’s the oldest tale in the book: you start the week with a morning run and end it with a new membership to your local gym. One scheduling conflict later, and you find yourself back to your version of squats as you get on and off the couch during your all-day Netflix binge. Next time you hit a wall, drop the remote, and try meditating at Still Soul Studio. Meditation allows you to maintain focus and overcome any obstacle that may prevent you from reaching your goals. It’ll serve as your reminder of why you’re heading to the gym before work rather than sleeping in as originally planned. Kelly George, founder of Still Soul, wants each person to find their reason to get up in the morning, and this studio provides the perfect atmosphere to do so. Get started by attending their community meditation every Sunday from 11-11:30 a.m. Once you’ve tried it you won’t want to stop, so join the community in washing away your work week worries, and acknowledge the power of simply being.

Coastal Climbing
708 King St. Downtown

If you’re anything like me, keeping your workout routine fresh is essential for staying active. When you think you’ve done it all, head over to Coastal Climbing, and see what it takes to be a true boulder climber (it’s hard AF). With a day pass for only $14, Coastal Climbing is the perfect way to spend a rainy Saturday with friends. With both upstairs and downstairs facilities, the walls are covered in challenging boulder routes that are changed out every two weeks. The walls are even color coded which corresponds with a numerical value showing the difficulty of each route. Whether you’re a pro, or a novice like me, there is a wall for everyone. It may not be a traditional gym, but let me tell you, you’ll feel sore for days. If you can’t get enough, sign up for their monthly membership for even more benefits (and more achy muscles). Members are offered yoga classes, access to the gym onsite, and use of their treadmill rock climbing wall. If you’re looking for an alternative to your everyday gym, one that’s a little different, challenging, and enormously fun, then give bouldering a go. Pro tip: If you check in on Yelp, you get a free chalk bag rental.

Urban Yoga Inferno Hot Pilates
484 King St. Downtown

Welcome to Inferno Hot Pilates: a burning hot room, a fire playlist, and a bunch of people who actually look happy to get their butts kicked. That’s right folks, Urban Yoga has cranked up the heat (literally) by becoming the only studio in Charleston to offer Inferno Hot Pilates. Studio owner Megan Gray and instructor Kali Cavey have mastered the balance of work and play in a way that makes burning your muscles feel oh so sweet. This low impact high intensity workout is sure to leave you sore the next morning, but trust me, your glutes will thank you. This total body toning is no joke, targeting muscle groups you never knew existed. Try a drop in class for just $18, but I guarantee you’ll end up leaving with one of their many membership deals offered (speaking from personal experience). for free fitness groups

If you have beach on the brain, but can’t find anyone to go surfing with, look no further. is a global networking site that allows people to attend or create local meetups in their area. It’s a great way to meet new friends and network, all while exploring a new hobby you’ve been dying to try. Don’t worry about finding a group, because they have one for everything, including my favorite category: health and wellness. Some of the featured fitness groups include: kayaking, indoor rowing, surfing, running, paddleboarding, barre, and yoga (the list goes on and on). To top it off, these events are free to join so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank on a fancy gym membership. You can try as many different groups and meetups as you want, without being locked in to a single one. With such variety, you can stay active with a different activity each week, so you’ll never get bored. This way, you can figure out which group is right for you, and spend your summer doing what you love with your new Charleston pals. Summer is the perfect time to get out of your comfort zone, and Meetup is the perfect tool to do just that.