It’s hard to exercise in the heat, plain and simple. That’s why we’ve rounded up a list of indoor workout studios that range from fun to fancy (hello espresso maker). Body builders hit the gym every day, and you may want to, too, after seeing what these places have in store.

Urban Flow Yoga

There are a bunch of yoga studios in Charleston — and from our amateur studies, we’ve found that they’re all pretty rad — but one of the newest ones, Urban Flow Charleston, has some cool features. For one, the studio itself is innovative, featuring infrared radiant heat that simulates heat from the sun. The studio also offers one-of-a-kind yoga experiences, hosting teachers from various disciplines and classes at different spaces. Check Urban Flow’s website for a full list of upcoming events, and check it out for yourself with a yoga and surf collab class, Urban Swell, on Folly Beach, Sat. June 25 from 9:15 a.m.-12:45 p.m.

Longevity Fitness

The first thing you notice when you walk into Longevity Fitness is how totally cool the space is. Occupying a penthouse on Rutledge Avenue, this studio features classes that incorporate pilates, barre, and more, along with wellness services like massage and physical therapy. Did we mention the cool space? Grab an espresso when you first walk in or take a peek at the studio’s outdoor space where classes are sometimes held. And be sure to say hi to Sullivan, the studio’s four-legged mascot.

Pure Barre

Pure barre classes — exercises that get their name from the ballet barre used in class — are no joke. The phrase “lift, tone, burn,” gets thrown around, and there’s a reason for that — you’ll do all three. The 55-minute workout works with all parts of your body, but focuses on abs, butt, and arms. Contrary to popular belief, this class isn’t just for ladies. Trust us, even the beefiest guys sweat their way through these moves.

Orange Theory

Orange Theory fitness focuses on interval training, putting gym-goers through their paces for an hour-long class. The intensity of the class is based on your heart rate, so you can take things up or down a notch based on how you’re feeling. Guests will hit the indoor rowing machine, treadmill, and weight-training blocks for a well-balanced workout. Check out the West Ashley or Summerville location.


If you’ve never “tapped back” on a bike, you may want to get yourself to Revolution’s Meeting Street studio, where you’ll get to do just that (and more). Stationary bike riding became uber popular with the company Soul Cycle, based in big cities across the country, and Ride Rev is benefitting from that success, packing out its studio with lots of sweaty Charlestonians — from buff businessmen to college co-eds. The playlists are always, as they say, “fire,” and the instructors are upbeat, riding along with you, so you have no excuse not to get into the groove.

Method 29403

Located right next to O-Ku on Upper King Street, it takes a lot of willpower to get yourself into Method 29403’s studio, because, sushi is good, and this workout is hard. You’ll earn those rolls, though, once you work off all of yours. Called the “ultimate evolution of fitness fusion,” Method 29403 (its sister studio, Method 10533, is located in Irvington, NY) utitlizes cardio, weight training, core stability, and endurance during grueling 40-minute sessions. The program is purposively no impact, so you can move at a slow and controlled pace, activating your muscles to get them lean and mean, just like ya like ’em.