Charleston is no longer the butt of jokes for YouTubeing skateboarders with an Australian priest put on leave for cussing at some trouble-making boarders.

The Charleston incident made national headlines months ago when a Charleston police officer, frustrated that skaters were defying the city’s rule against boarding at Waterfront Park, shoved one of them over some bushes. Things in Australia got a little more heated.

“Move, you f—— fool,” Baron tells one skater in the video, slapping one of the group across the head and prompting a torrent of abuse in reply.

The embarrassed Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne, Denis Hart, placed Baron on indefinite leave after the outburst appeared on YouTube, while security guards began patrolling the cathedral grounds on Wednesday amid threats of reprisal attacks.

Say what you will about our local boarders, but when they get upset, they just ride their boards. They’re not plotting “reprisal attacks.”