After meeting local opposition in two towns, Skinful Halloween is looking for a place to land. Organizers of the Oct. 26 event are expected to make an announcement about a venue on Monday.

The annual party, which this year will feature burlesque pole dancing, busloads of grown-ups in costumes, and big-name musical acts including Flavor Flav and Blowfly, has previously taken place at the Brick House Kitchen on James Island, but event organizer David “Big Hair” Brisacher says he started looking for a new venue after Charleston County enacted more restrictive noise ordinances. (Disclosure: Skinful Halloween advertises in the City Paper, and the City Paper is handling the ticketing for the event.)

This year, the party was initially slated to take place on a 70-acre farm in the tiny town of Meggett, S.C. Brisacher says he got the required event permit from the county, but when members of the community started working on the appeal process for the license, he decided to look for a new venue.

Plan B is a secluded historic plantation on hundreds of acres on Edisto Island, but the natives are restless there, too. Bud Skidmore, former president of the Edisto Island Community Association, says he got word from a friend in county government when Skinful applied for the event permit, and when he looked at the event’s website, he was “very shocked” at the images, the pole dancing, and “the nature of the talent they had lined up.” Skidmore says a few community members have talked about appealing the license for the event, which is now 15 days away.

“We’re basically a family destination and a retirement community,” Skidmore says. “Quiet is our middle name.”

Brisacher says he has a Plan C, but he will wait until Monday to hear from the opposition and make an announcement about Skinful’s new location.

“People have no idea the battle it’s been to have consensual adults getting together in costume and partying,” Brisacher says.