The Chapel Theater was packed last night to see the Skinny White Comics return to Charleston, featuring David Lee Nelson and Isaac Witty.

The pair are familiar enough with the Lowcountry to drop lines they know will get some laughs— a few jokes about North Charleston crime rates and our town’s love of partying. (Nelson is a CofC graduate and previous City Paper blogger.) Some of the other topics that were touched on were sex, Mary Jane, and the awkward hardships of being a middle-aged white guy trying to make it in the world. The material felt contrived at times, but generally speaking, it was pretty solid stuff.

The emcee and opening act of the night was Nick Cobb, an New York City comedian with an act as ridiculous and painfully honest as a white guy making white-guy jokes can get. Cobb was all over the place, joking about listening to music while running in the pre-iPod days and asking the question, when did pizza and beer become the new currency for helping women move? (Great question Nick. We just hope you don’t pontificate about that one too much, because it’s our M.O., and it works. Most of the time)

Next on board was the first Skinny White vet, David Lee Nelson, a self-proclaimed Harry Potter look-a-like. Nelson, who now works in NYC. Nelson talked about his Catholic upbringing and his recent efforts to quit smoking, about which he quipped, “I used to smoke cigarettes and hide it from my wife … because I always thought cancer should be a surprise.”

Isaac Witty took the stage for the part of the show, and did a good job keeping the laughter at a constant roar. Witty’s humor was understated and really, really funny stuff. From mocking people who wear Bluetooths to his fear of clowns, Witty was able to keep it rolling till the end.