Walking into Charleston Sound is a little like walking into your cool older brother’s room. The staff, who have worked with Fitz and the Tantrums and Chucktown’s own Band of Horses, are friendly and relaxed. The walls are lined with plaques commemorating records recorded in house, including Darius Rucker’s double-platinum, Grammy Award-winning cover of Old Crow’s “Wagon Wheel.” But the Mt. Pleasant recording studio has decided to spice things up with Sundown Sessions, a series of live recording sessions featuring local artists.

For the first session, which took place Jan. 21, owner Jeff Hodges recruited Micah Nichols (guitars), Christian Wood (bass), Ben Scott(drums), Noel Lindler (harmonica), and Skye Paige (vocals) for a cover of Led Zeppelin’s “When the Levee Breaks.” These musicians haven’t ever recorded together, never mind recorded a track in under five hours. “It’s playing cards for musicians. They get to come in and hang out in a cool space and have fun trying to create the vibe of a classic recording,” Hodges says. Despite the newness and uncertainty surrounding the event, the performers were thrilled about the recording session. “It’s one of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs, and I’m excited to be here tonight,” Paige says, while Lindler adds, “I hope we get a nice song that sounds a lot like the original but still has its own vibe.” .

We’ve heard the tune, retitled “When the Battery Breaks” and slightly reworked — that is unless Robert Plant wrote about blue bloods and Ohio transplants in the original — and we think Hodges and company accomplished what they set out to do. We look forward to the next Sundown Session.

Audio track provided