From editor Stephanie Barna:

I just got through the first review, written by a new writer we’re working with — Eric Kingrea. Eric was given his assignments just days ago and eagerly jumped right into the fray. Last night, he went to see Charlie Sanders’ You’re Welcome for What You’re About to See, which Eric said was a solid C.

From the review: “This one-man show needs some concentrated fine-tuning before audiences can be expected to leave the American Theater with thankfulness on their lips and chortles from their belly. Sanders’ performance and writing is mostly notable because of its unevenness, which sacrifices some bits for the sake of others. Only a few of his five characters are interesting and of those only one is outright comic gold, while the other fills a slightly funny, but mostly sad and fascinating role in the piece, a definite oddity.”

The show returns to the American Theater Sunday night at 7 p.m. The full review will be up on the City Paper site soon.