My personal favorite at last night’s contest between amateur comics during the Charleston Comedy Festival was Martin H.

He was dirty, real dirty. But he was good, too. Dirty humor can go so, so wrong. Case in point is many of the other comics, who obviously felt dropping an f-bomb here and body part there was going to get a laugh. It didn’t, but good for them for trying. Not Martin H, though. He had me rolling and I really didn’t expect to be. I can’t go into what he said but I will say it has to do with a woman’s menstrual cycle, having sex on the beach and other anatomical gags. His pantomime of sand being like the teeth of a puppy pit bull is an image that will be emblazoned on my brain for all time.

That said, I was heartened to see Billy Anderson (picture above left with contest host Kenny Z) be crowned the Funniest Person in Charleston. His comedy was smart and the best thing I can remember about his bit was an extended, seamless and (dare I say) poetic riff on Jesus being the son of God and his childhood angst living his with illegitimate father, Joseph. All done with a dry delivery and with the look of a prep school student. Smart stuff and the crowd loved it, showing that smart humor gets the laughs, too. Congrats, Billy.