Looking for something light and airy to wear this summer? From May 30-June 1, head on over to Basic Kitchen’s garden to see Michael Ward and Michael Smaldone’s new collection from their company, thesalting. Shop simple and luxe items from tunics to fedoras to spring coats each day from 11 a.m.-5 p.m.


Native New Yorkers, Ward and Smaldone are two fashion veterans using their skills and craftsmanship to bring men and women a more holistic approach to design and the need for simplicity.


Thesalting prides itself on bringing a universal vision of simplistic nature into its unisex clothing. The brand describes itself as being both “raw” and “refined.” Consider your thesalting purchase “a deliberate embrace of a new mentality: a simple and luxe investment.”

Learn more about the brand online at thesalting.com.