Sip, sample, and savor. That’s the credo over at Social, and that’s why they’re kicking things up a notch with their new Executive Chef Norwood Pryor. Prior to this position, he worked as the executive sous chef at both Carolina Yacht Club and Cordavi.

With all this over-the-top, cutting-edge, experimental cooking going on, it’s nice to know that some chefs just like to stick to the basics. “I’m not trying to over-extend myself,” says Pryor. “I hope to work with local farmers and buy what is seasonal.” In addition to promising super-fresh ingredients, Pryor also plans to spice up the menu with some tasty street food dishes from the around the world. Empanadas, anyone?

Also in the works is a new pizza with pancetta, fire-roasted peppers, and spicy marinara. Better get it while it’s hot.