When local roots-rock band Sol Driven Train set to work creating a music video for their song “Watermelon,” there was really only one direction it could go: It had to be a party.

And party they did, inviting a car-full of women out to Dirthugger Farm on James Island to enjoy a Slip ‘n’ Slide, some saucy dance numbers, and a whole mess-load of watermelons. The song, off the band’s 2011 album of the same title, is a funky, danceable paean to the ultimate summertime fruit, but it also features lyrics like “Sticky and sweet/ Tender and pink/ So firm and round/ Sunbathing on the ground.”

“I am a passionate advocate of a diet high in fruits and vegetables, and watermelon is a great source of vitamins and hydration,” says bandleader Joel Timmons. “There’s also a metaphor in there about a woman, so take it however you like it.”

The band directed the video themselves, with cinematography from Zac Breitengross and David Keller. Timmons says a friend of the band, Dirthugger farmer Meg Moore, invited them out to the farm to shoot the video. “It’s a beautiful location,” Timmons says. “I live on James Island, and I couldn’t believe that it was right there.”