[image-1] As much fun as the Fourth of July is, it can be a nightmare for pets. Between loud, strange sounds from fireworks  and revelers and heat exposure due to time outside, it can stress even the chillest canine out.

“By far, we see more pets turn up missing right after the 4th of July than any other time of year,” said Charleston Animal Society CEO Joe Elmore in a press release. Around the Fourth of July in 2018, the Charleston Animal Society took in 264 pets that were lost, and 250 in 2017, and expect to have more turned in this year.

Due to the number of pets that get lost every year, Charleston Animal Society is offering “pet amnesty” July 5-8 for any lost animal to be re-claimed without the normal processing ($50) and boarding fees ($25 per day).

The Animal Society has offered some tips to help keep your pups safe and sound:

[image-2]- Leave pets at home when you go to events, and definitely don’t set off fireworks around them.
– If they simply must go with you, make sure they’re on a leash at all times.
Keep your pets cool and make sure they have plenty of water and a shady place to chill to beat the heat.
Know the signs and symptoms of overheating, including weakness, excessive drooling and panting, difficulty breathing, a temperature above 104, and even seizures. The Animal Society warns that dogs can get heat sick while swimming, so keep an eye on them even if they’re having a blast.
Don’t give your dogs a glow up – glow jewelry can make your pets sick, from the luminescent substance inside causing excessive drooling and gastrointestinal upset and blockages could occur from eating the plastic containers.

If your pet gets lost, here’s what to do:
– Immediately search your neighborhood
– Put up signs with their picture, name, and other pertinent information
– Post a picture with their name and last known whereabouts to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any neighborhood groups you’re in, including Nextdoor
– Go to local shelters and addition to emergency vets to see if anyone had found or dropped off your pet

If you don’t have a furry friend or would like another one, the Charleston Animal Society is chock full of ’em ready to go home with you. They are offering fee-waived adoptions for dogs and cats and are looking for foster homes for kittens. For more information, visit CharlestonAnimalSociety.org.