Just so you know, if you’re in the market for the teeth of human children, they can be purchased for $5 apiece via Charleston Craigslist.


A hat tip is owed to my wife, an expert Craigslist hunter, for finding this lot of 20 human baby teeth in the “Arts & Crafts” section. So many questions come to mind: Are they all from the same child? Are those braces brackets on two of the teeth? Can I get a discount for cavities? Are there any craft ideas and/or potion recipes on Pinterest that incorporate the molars of a stranger’s child? (Answer at a cursory glance: No, but there are some freaky-ass tooth handicrafts for sale on Etsy.)

The page indicates that the item was posted a month ago and updated three days ago, so apparently these puppies are hard to move. The seller might need to consider going down on the price, unless they feel like they’re on the cuspid of making a big sale.