Since 2010, Heritage Foods USA has dedicated the month of October to the humble goat in a No Goat Left Behind campaign. With New England goat dairies facing a growing problem, this autumnal dedication helps to increase overall goat consumption in the U.S.

“Chefs at the nation’s top restaurants are launching new agricultural economies,” says Patrick Martins of Heritage Foods, “and because of their collective buying power Americans are eating tastier and more interesting and sustainable food.”

Coming Street eatery Sorghum & Salt is no stranger to “interesting and sustainable food.” In April, CP food critic Vanessa Wolf described the new restaurant as a “cult classic” expertly serving up inventive dishes like root vegetable bolognese and salt roasted beets topped with “olive dirt.”

For their special Goatober dish, S&S has crafted a goat ragu made with ricotta gnocchi, South Carolina tomatoes, collards, chili, and parmesan. The dish is an entree size portion and will be available for $27.