[image-1]Soulforce, a group that uses non-violent protest to challenge homophobic policies is heading back to Christian schools this year. The ride starts today at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va. The school was founded by Jerry Fallwell. Soulforce founder Mel White was a one-time Falwell ghostwriter. The school allowed Soulforce riders on campus.

We covered Soulforce’s April 2007 visit to Bob Jones University in Greenville.

 “We want people to recognize that our goal is to end violence, whether it’s physical violence, emotional violence, spiritual violence,” said Jarrett Lucas. “We cannot meet violence with violence, and anger and fear are what translate into violence. You have to respond but not react. You have to say, ‘How do I respond through a filter of love? What’s best for this person to hear? What’s best for this person to see?’ That’s what should guide your actions.”

The group will be at Columbia International University in Columbia, S.C. on Monday for its second stop this year. Local Katie Higgins is back as a co-director on the bus. They’re still looking for donations and support.