ROCK | Moonless Moth
w/ Battleground Road, Celerity
Thurs. July 27
The Map Room

Modern-rock band Moonless Moth have enjoyed a busy year, gigging out in various corners of the Charleston club scene, recording a dozen new tunes in the best studios they could find, competing in various band battles, and sharing stages with local comrades. Lead singer/guitarist David Adams, bassist Chris Yaun, drummer Dominic Stabile, and lead guitarist Dustin Karst formed the band a few years back while in high school in North Chuck. By 2005, they resembled a proper working band, with a full set of originals and a decent press kit. This year has been all about establishing themselves as an act to be taken seriously — an act with a guitar-heavy sound steeped in classic rock, grunge, and contemporary sounds. “The new album [due on Mantis Records] is almost complete and we are very excited about how everything is wrapping up,” says Adams. “Look out for a CD release party in the next few months.” —T. Ballard Lesemann THURSDAY


METAL | Wretched Excess
w/ Broadside
Fri. July 28
Music Farm

Dude! It’s been 10 years since local metal act Wretched Excess destroyed any eardrums with their screeching, molten rock sounds. This weekend, the original five members of one of this town’s most successful heavy metal bands reunite for a major blowout at the Music Farm. Wretched Excess first kicked off in 1988, at the height of the L.A. hair metal era. Guitarist/keyboradist Robert Wagenbrenner, bassist Outlaw Oldfield, drummer Chris Cooper, lead guitarist Kevin O’Quinn, and lead singer/guitarist Dave Dunning performed in and around Charleston — long locks a flyin’ — with an aggressive sound that fit in more with the Cinderella/Skid Row/Van Halen side of things (rather than the poodle-cut poofiness of Poison and Warrant). Their discography includes a self-titled album released on cassette in 1990 and a self-titled CD released in 1994. By the late-’90s, the band dissolved and the players pursued other musical projects (these days, Dunning is perhaps the most prominent of the bunch, playing around town in rock duo The Diesel Brothers). Keep an eye out for their new “best of” CD, Wretrospective. —TBL FRIDAY


Rock | Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
w/ Neal Casal
Fri. July 28
Charleston Music Hall
Sold Out

Whatever Ryan Adams did — sober up, tighten up, or just plain grow up — between the release of his 2001 album Gold and his 2005 quadruple-album onslaught, his live show certainly received the full benefit of the change. Although it’s been clear since his days with Whiskeytown that Adams has immense talent, it was often obfuscated onstage by his penchant for partying, which resulted in hit-or-miss live shows. When Adams performed last year at the Performing Arts Center with his latest (and some would say most talented) band, The Cardinals, they thoroughly impressed with their musicianship and Adams’ versatile voice, which was in top form as he played songs spanning his prolific catalogue. This week’s show is already sold out, but those holding tickets can look forward to what promises to be one of the best shows of the summer, if not the year. —Sara Miller FRIDAY


ROCK | “The Rock ‘n’ Roll Rejects Prom”
w/ Cary Ann Hearst Band, The Explorers Club
Sat. July 29
Music Farm

Billed as a prom night for the rejected in the local rock scene, the event at the Music Farm this Saturday will serve more as a pow-wow of sharp-minded hipsters, cowgirls, and vintage necktie-wearin’ bohemians. An elegant night in a major music hall with live music, a photo both, “make out spots,” and a crowning ceremony for “prom queen” and “prom king” … not a bad idea. The Cary Ann Hearst Band — featuring a qualified gang of veterans, including drummer Evan Bivins, pedal steeler Josh Kaler, guitarists Ash Hopkins and Sadler Vaden — are set and to headline. The Explorers Club, fresh from a U.S. tour, open the show. City Paper requests a version of Josie Cotton’s “Johnnie, Are You Queer” (a la the prom scene in Valley Girl), a revealing snapshot of the Jump guys, and a few leftover cups of “punch.” —TBL SATURDAY