Nü-METAL | Unearth
w/ Norma Jean, All Shall Perish, The Red Chord, A Life Once Lost, Walls of Jericho, Full Blown Chaos
Thurs. Aug. 10
Music Farm

They claim to possess “charismatic riffs, thought-provoking lyrics, and pummeling breakdowns.” They claim to be part of the “virtual metal and hardcore capitol” of Massachusetts. They claim to be “one of the most abrasive, commanding and emotionally charged groups in the underground scene today.” Fortunately for mod-metal fans, Unearth live up to the claims. Singer Trevor Phipps, guitarists Ken Susi and Buz McGrath, bassist John Maggard, and drummer Mike Justian first started bangin’ heads together in 1998 in and around Boston. After a stint on Eulogy, they teamed up with the notorious Metal Blade label in 2004, released Oncoming Storm, and toured North American with Lamb of God, Poison the Well, Clutch, and with Ozzfest. Their latest is a full-album/DVD package titled III: In the Eyes of Fire. Hosted by Holy City Booking, a portion of the proceeds from the show benefit Myrtle Beach musician Tyler Solnesky (drummer of the band Classic Struggle), who recently suffered a serious injury. —T. Ballard Lesemann THURSDAY


ROCK | Damiera
w/ Handgun Sonata
Fri. Aug. 11
A Dough Re Mi

Their motto might be “quiet defines loud,” but there’s nothing delicate or calm about the strikingly dynamic, emo-tinged rock sound of upstate N.Y. indie band Damiera. Last year, guitarists David Raymond (pictured) and Matthew Kipp — both formerly of League — enlisted drummer Bradley McRae and bassist Mark Henry and formed the band with the idea of putting some songs together driven mostly by heavy bass guitar lines and a jagged guitar edge. After the release of an independent EP titled One, Kipp stepped aside and was replaced by Rock Whittington (ex-Punch People). The solidified lineup recorded and released the full-length M(us)ic this summer on the Euphoric label. “These guys are like Fugazi-meets-Rush,” says club booking agent Stuart Johnson. “They’re an incredible mix of punk and prog-rock.” Local punky rockers Handgun Sonata — one of the busiest local groups of the week — are set to open. —TBL FRIDAY


w/ Hotel Lights
Fri. Aug. 11
Village Tavern

Chicago-based, pop singer/songwriter Chris Mills put impressive effort into the making of the album, The Wall To Wall Sessions. His 17-piece “Chicago indie rock big band” (featuring members of The Sea And Cake, Giant Sand, Head Of Femur, and Wilco), certainly helped make things sound grand and elegant. “I wanted to see if I could take things a little bit farther sonically, perhaps even something grand,” says Mills. “Something like the Phil Spector sound I’ve always loved, but combined with the imagery of bands like Neutral Milk Hotel or the Flaming Lips.” The Chicago Sun-Times called it “a testament to the communal spirit of the Chicago underground.” Indeed. Mills last visited Charleston in November in support of the album, and has since been touring The US and the UK nearly non-stop. He returns to the Village Tavern for a full-evening of melody and mischief. —TBL FRIDAY


INDIE ROCK | Say Hi To Your Mom
w/ The Never, Candy Apples
Tues. Aug. 15
The Map Room

Led by songwriter/vocalist Eric Elbogen and propelled by drummer Chris Egan (pictured above), this Brooklyn pop/indie-rock project is on tour behind a peculiar new 10-song album called For Impeccable Blahs. Released on Elbogen’s own label, Euphobia, it’s a lo-fi collection of toothy horror themes and offbeat tunes, kraut-rock stiffness (think Neu! and Trio), and N.Y. snottiness (think The Strokes). The album’s liner notes include this explanation: “Impeccable Blahs is a record about vampires … not creepy, Goth vampires, but rather people just like you and me who happen to get their nourishment from drinking blood.” Indie pop/rock quartet The Never, based in N.C.’s healthy Chapel Hill/Raleigh scene, recently celebrated the release of their new album, Antarctica (Trekky). Local pop duo Candy Apples, comprised of multi-instrumentalists James Nichols and Lily Knights, open the show at 10 p.m. —TBL TUESDAY