w/ Elf Power,
M. Coast
Fri. Oct. 6
The Map Room

Nashville’s LYLAS are an upbeat bunch, a quartet reverent of tradition but excited to be part of the younger, hipper scene bubbling under the surface. “There’s a lot of great indie rock going on in Nashville right now,” says lead singer and guitarist Kyle Hamlett, “stuff that’s below the radar blowing up and become more well-known nationally. At the same time, a lot of the older, more traditional aspects of country and bluegrass … that’s something we’re fans of, and it lends to the earthy, folky elements of what we do.” Hamlett, along with his brother, bassist Josh Hamlett, drummer Brice Blair, and steel guitarist/banjo picker Luke Schneider, bring the lackadaisical, sparkling pop of their debut full-length, Lessons for Lovers, to the Map Room on Friday night. On the album, their chops shine on songs like the contemplative “Sprinkle” and the Of Montreal-ish “Darling Do You?” Fans of Elf Power’s wide-ranging style should arrive early for some hot, Kinks-y action. —Sara Miller FRIDAY


ROCK | Abbey Road Live!
Sat. Oct. 7
“John Lennon Birthday Celebration”
Music Farm
$10, $8 (adv.)

Comprised of four musicians from the Athens, Ga. music scene (the core are three former Fuzzy Sprouts), well-polished trib act Abbey Road Live! deliver a special kind of classic rock show, performing the 1969 Beatles album Abbey Road from front to back in its entirety with the musical nuances involved — from the tricky time signatures of “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” and “Here Comes the Sun” to the dynamic blues jams of “Oh Darling!” and “She Came in Through the Bathroom Window.” They conclude their performance with a full set of Beatles tunes culled from the early “Can’t Buy Me Love” days, the Sgt. Pepper and Revolver albums, and beyond. This week, guitarist Tim “John” Conley, guitarist-pianist Michael “George” Wegner, bassist Dave “Paul” Domizi, bring along new drummer Andrew “Silver” Hanmer (of the Kevn Kinney Band) to celebrate the birthday of John Lennon, who would have been 66 years old on Oct. 9. Check www.abbeyroadlive.com for more. —TBL SATURDAY


w/ Cong for Brums, BARR
Sat. Oct. 7
The Map Room

Save Saturday night for the spooky, sexual, dread-filled (but far from dreadful) dreamscapes created by the West Coasters in Xiu Xiu. Led by frontman Jamie Stewart, Xiu Xiu’s albums have featured a rotating cast of musicians such as the lo-fi violinist Nedelle and members of the exuberant art-rockers Deerhoof, including Greg Saunier, who produced Xiu Xiu’s latest, The Air Force. The album contains the same earnest, urgent angst and wryly confessional lyrics that permeate older LPs Fabulous Muscles, Knife Play, and A Promise, but tinged with the recent pop leanings of Stewart, bandmate/cousin Caralee McElroy, and Mr. Bungle alum Ches Smith. “We intentionally made it as poppy as we could,” Stewart says, “but then a lot of people told me that it took them a while to get into it, which doesn’t make sense to me because it seems like our most normal record.” Of course, normal is a relative term when describing the wholly original compositions of Stewart, whose wavering, operatic vocals tend to work a crowd into a teeth-gnashing frenzy — and, eventually, a grand group release. —Sara Miller SATURDAY


w/ DJ Vadim, Yarah Bravo, Blu Rum, Mr. Invisible, Ebrahim
Tues. Oct. 10
Village Tavern

Underground rap/electronica act One Self — featuring Russian-born DJ and producer Vadim, and rappers Yarah Bravo and Blu Rum — get funky (and jazzy) with their worldly-wise beats, grooves, and lyrics. It’s not every week that an international underground hip-hop/electronic supagroop hits a stage Mt. Pleasant. The Village Tavern’s recently put the effort into booking a number of notable gigs of such stature, fortunately for local hip-hop fans. DJ Vadim, a veteran of the British/Euro rap/dance scene, started collaborating with versatile female rapper Bravo three ago. They gradually put the core trio of One Self together with rapper Blu Rum to record the album Children of Possibility (Ninja Tune) in 2005. Mr. Invisible and Ebrihim are in the crew, too. —TBL TUESDAY