POP/ROCK | Tin Cup Prophette

w/ Bain Mattox

Thurs. Feb. 8




Charleston ex-pat and current Athens, Ga., singer/songwriter/fiddler Amanda Kapousouz spent time playing here and there with local favorites Jump, Little Children before moving to N.Y.C. and honing her chops as a subway busker. Not that busking was her only job; Kapousouz also somehow found time to tutor children on movie sets during the days while jamming with bands of all stripes at night. Since she moved back down south and adopted the Tin Cup Prophette moniker, Kapousouz has been improving her game nonstop, incorporating looping pedals and switching back and forth from the accordion to the violin during her mesmerizing live shows. Her smoky voice and biting lyrics are the foil to the beautiful musical melange she creates with her instruments. She recently released her first full-length album as Tin Cup Prophette, a nine-song disc entitled Liar and the Thief, and was featured in the Oct. 2006 issue of Paste, with her song “80 Days” included on the magazine’s monthly CD sampler. Let’s show her a warm hometown welcome as she hits the stage at Cumberland’s before her husband, Bain Mattox (he of the eponymous band). –Sara Miller THURSDAY

INDIE-POP | Steve Fiore

w/ Ash Hopkins

Thurs. Feb. 8

The Map Room



Some like to refer to local singer/guitarist Steve Fiore (of The Good People) as a young songsman with an ear for melody and an image that’s equal parts Cat Stevens (circa 1968), Lou Barlow (circa 1998), and “Max Fischer.” The dapper songwriter started gigging around little local bars and restaurants as a solo act in 2005, playing a mix of strummy rock classics, modern indie-rock gems, and original tunes. Over the last year, he started collaborating with a variety of local players from the jazzier/experimental corner of the band scene. He’s recently put some final touches on a solo album at Rebellion Road Studio with local engineer/guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Ash Hopkins. Fiore and Hopkins share the stage on Thursday, performing some of Fiore’s new melodic material, plus a few surprise numbers. –T. Ballard Lesemann SATURDAY

ALT-COUNTRY | The Everybodyfields

w/ Lindsay Holler, Clint4

Sat. Feb. 10

The Map Room



Touring behind a forthcoming release on Ramseur Records (due this summer), Johnson City-based folk/country act The Everybodyfields seem determined to put their own independent mark on a few traditional Tennessee/Appalachian/Melungeon styles of music. Core members Sam Quinn and Jill Andrews (pictured), swap guitar, bass, and vocal duties (lead and harmonies). She belts it out full, rich, and reconciled while he sounds a bit more nasally and lonesome. They describe their rootsy material as “melancholic interpretations of universal human stories set to achingly beautiful melodies and put to life with lap steel, lead guitar, electric bass, and acoustic guitar … straightforward and sure.” Sad but uplifting, their set includes a nice mix of folky love songs, reverb-laden waltzes, and swingin’ duets. This tour’s lineup includes guitarist/lap steel player and backup singer Megan McCormick. Local players Lindsay Holler (of The Hollerettes and Lasso), and Clint4 (a.k.a. Clint Fore) share the bill. See www.theeverybodyfields.com for more. –TBL SATURDAY

BLUEGRASS | Hackensaw Boys

Sat. Feb. 10

The Pour House



When you’re paying less than a dollar per member for a band, chances are you’ll get your money’s worth. If the Hackensaw Boys show up with half the energy they had at their last Pour House gig, you might even be inspired to buy them a round with the savings. A collective of musicians from the Blue Ridge of Virginia, their shows features up to eight of Mrs. Hackensaw’s sons — Mahlon, The Kooky-Eyed Fox, Salvage, Four, Spitz, Pokey La Farge, Shiner, and PeePaw — playing everything from the washboard to the washtub, faster than you can keep your legs moving to dance. If the mood’s right, they might even unplug and bring their instruments into the crowd for a gen-u-wine hoe-down. The Boys are a bluegrass stomping ground, and more fun than a barrel of bourbon-drunk monkeys. Honest. (More at www.nettwerk.com/player/hackensawboys).

–Stratton Lawrence SATURDAY