RAP | Lil Boss

Lil Boss’ new single “I Know It” takes listeners to the streets of North Charleston, he told the City Paper. The track is all about Boss making money, told through speedy and braggadocios bars. “She said she like how I’m stuntin’/ I’m gettin’ that money and I said I know it/ Girl, I got that bag on me/ and that’s why they mad at me,” he raps on the hook. The amount of words Boss puts into three and a half minutes is impressive, to say the least. And with some clever rhymes peaking through the volume (“snakes in the grass/ I’m tryin’ to mow it”), “I Know It” has some good replay value. This track and others are the next step in Lil Boss’ career, which is a couple years in the making. The rapper announced his arrival on Ogee’s banger “ACK A DONKEY” back in 2018. This year, Boss dropped “20:20,” a song stacked with searing verses that tops plenty of radio hits right now on energy alone. With a few more singles in the hopper for 2021, keep any eye on Lil Boss.

ROCK | Gods

Gods has always been kind of an “easy come, easy go” band. After making a stir in the live music scene back when shows were a thing, the trio of reliably great musicians stepped away from the project to perform in other bands. But recently, they’ve dropped a couple singles and announced their debut LP Honest, out now. Remember: Easy come, easy go. The title track is an emotional bit of post-rock. The second single, “Nightwaves,” is a little trippier. The guitar line is accompanied by some delay, giving it a fuller sound. The track’s melody and rhythms change somewhat frequently. It’s a pretty easy listen, even with heavy tones and crashing drums holding the pocket down. As always, the band sounds tight, like they follow a metronome religiously. Check out the full project below.