JAZZ FUNK | Lowcountry Summerfest
w/ Loose Ends feat. Jane Eugene, Pieces Of A Dream
Fri. August 31
7:30 p.m.
North Charleston Performing Arts Center

The pairing of Loose Ends featuring Jane Eugene and Pieces of a Dream seems like an unlikely one, simply because the bands’ respective styles don’t have much in common on the surface. But the truth is that the sophisticated R&B of Loose Ends (originally a trio of Carl McIntosh, Jane Eugene, and Steve Nichol that formed in 1980) and the airy jazz-fusion of Pieces of a Dream (formed in 1976) have more in common than you think. Pieces of a Dream’s mix of smooth jazz and instrumental improvisation had more than a little modern R&B in it, and Loose Ends were musically skilled enough to bring a good bit of jazz virtuosity into their sleek urban sound. It’s perhaps most remarkable that the two acts are performing at all. Loose Ends actually broke up in 1990 their first time around before reuniting in 2005, and Pieces of a Dream have outlasted the commercial heyday of their genre to keep going for more than 40 years. —Vincent Harris FRIDAY


w/ The Orange Constant
Fri. Aug. 31
9 p.m.
$10/adv., $15/door
Pour House

It’s been about a year and a half since the jam-rock band BYOG has played any shows, and if you were a fan of their high-wire, unpredictable flights of improvisation, you might want to get to the Pour House show, because this isn’t a full-scale reunion tour we’re talking about. “It’s going to be sporadic gigs here and there,” says guitarist David Buck. “We’re talking about maybe doing another one around Christmas time.” There was no acrimony involved in the band’s initial split, it was just the inevitable wear and tear of hard-touring that eventually brought them to their hiatus. “It’s a very exhausting life style,” says fellow guitarist Blake Zahnd. “We hit it hard for a few years and we just needed a little break. But with some time off the songs are going to feel pretty fresh. We’re excited to dig back into them. It’s kind of like peeling off layers of an onion. We discover new things in them every time we play.” —Vincent Harris FRIDAY


MULTI-GENRE | Final Show Block Party Extravaganza
Sat. Sept. 1
4 p.m.
Cory’s Grilled Cheese

After a week of send-off events, Sat. Sept. 1 is the end of the final countdown and Cory’s Grilled Cheese as we know it. Vendors and bands aplenty will bid the sandwich shop/underground venue adieu with the Final Show Block Party Extravaganza beginning in the afternoon and lingering into the late night. The multi-genre lineup includes Little Bird, Orange Doors, Abstract That Rapper, Logan & the Kidders, ManChild, Inn Vinegar, Soul Power Productions, Shady Katy, Charleston Sky Rap Collective, Solar Eclipse Party, and Shue & Grace. Of course, Cory’s claim to fame, those grilled cheese sandwiches, will be flying out of the kitchen, but thankfully you can still grab some of that goodness when they move their cheese operations to the Purple Buffalo. Door fees are donations to help Cory’s firmly plant its feet there. —Kelly Rae Smith SATURDAY


w/ Niecy Blues, Lazercat
Thurs. Aug. 30
9 p.m.
$13/adv., $15/door
Pour House

4-D, the brother of Gorillaz singer 2-D, may hate his sibling, but he frickin’ loves his brother’s music. “I was never allowed by my brother to be in Gorillaz, so I decided to start a tribute band called Bananaz,” says 4-D. “I want to ride his coattails and make money off of his success.” We’re pretty sure 4-D is Little Stranger member John Shields in a surprisingly convincing English accent, but City Paper could not confirm that because the interview was over the phone. The Gorillaz member’s relative is performing in conjunction with quirky hip-hop duo Little Stranger and electro-rock quartet Human Resources. Like true fans of the platinum-selling electronic-rock band, the guys will recreate favorite Gorillaz songs from all eras of the band. “We’ll be starting from the original self-titled album Gorillaz all the way up through tunes from the latest release, Humanz,” he says. “It’s going to be mental.” Little Stranger and Human Resources will make up the entire band for the night, while several guests will help out during the evening. 4-D says that as long as the members of Little Stranger and Human Resources can get together, they would like to continue Bananaz and take it on the road. While we had him on the line, we asked 4-D what he thinks of his time in the Lowcountry. He says he doesn’t like biscuits and gravy. —Heath Ellison THURSDAY