Rock | Quarx

Since arriving in Baton Rouge back in 2017, Quarx has been steadily building its own brand of rock ‘n’ roll largely based on its penchant for improvisation and a willingness to engage in a little shape-shifting and genre-bending when necessary. In fact, this raucous Louisiana-based act was gaining a lot of ground until it was briefly derailed, like everything else in the music world, by COVID-19 concerns. Still, members Alaric Fricke (vocals, rhythm guitar), Jonathan Zeringue (bass), Keagan Soto (lead guitar) and Thomas Vercher (drums) have been keeping busy during quarantine working on songs they hope will comprise their next album. And for now, at least, they are happily back in action as a performing unit, playing a limited number of shows in support of their latest single, “Rabbit Run,” which was a highlight of their recently released self-titled EP. Fricke is the principal songwriter for all of the group’s material, but, make no mistake, everyone else in this enigmatic ensemble rallies around his big ideas, making as much noise as possible in the process. In addition to their growing repertoire of original tunes, in live settings, the Quarx guys have also been known to cover classic cuts from an array of influences including Led Zeppelin and the Grateful Dead. Quarx was originally scheduled to play the Pour House July 2, but the show was canceled. Check out their music at Wilson


HIP-HOP | Will Love

Will Love is getting into the summer single game with “Don’t Let Me Down Re Up.” Out on July 3, Love’s latest tune is a little boom-bap hip-hop mixed with a lot of chilled-out, radio-inspired rap. The song’s production makes great use of drums, utilizing modern hip-hop’s smooth and stuttering sounds, while vocals highlight the beat. The hook even gets a little trippy as the lyrics are dug in deep and covered with effects. Love, meanwhile, drops some words about sex and relationships in some of his most confident bars yet. “Left hand up, drink in your right/ you a little dipper/ in the bright lights/ you ain’t stopping until the east showing sunlight/ I’m trying to get your number/ and do a little shuffle,” he raps. “Don’t Let Me Down Re Up” is a cool tune to counter the hot days of the season. In February, Love released his EP L.O.V.E. which should give new fans of his latest tune some content to hold them over until he drops another album. If it’s anything like “Don’t Let Me Down Re Up,” it’ll be a whole summer playlist. —Heath Ellison