Dance Rock | Schema

Schema’s powerhouse grooves showed maturing on their self-titled 2019 EP, much to the band’s delight. “I like our compositions more, nowadays,” guitarist/synth player Adam Coyne told the City Paper last year. “They’re a little bit more thought-out and I think our show as a whole has become a lot better and tighter. We just plan it out better.” The band’s ability to mix prog-rock with a good, danceable rhymth is something many groups would boast about. Tracks like “Ultimatum” flow like a jazz song, but the bass and drums are strictly a funk fare. “Whirlwind,” another from Schema, relies on static synthesizer tones and speedy guitar fills.Schema was originally set to play the Pour House this week to gain funding for their new project, but the show was canceled due to COVID-19. Many shows and tours across the nation and Charleston have been canceled for the same reason. Schema’s attempt to gain some footing during a tough time is hopefully a sign that their new music is worth the fight. Check them out at facebook.com/Schemalive/Heath Ellison FRIDAY


INDIE-POP | Human Resources

Listening to Human Resources is like dreaming up a futuristic, musical paradise. With only five years of experience as a band under their belt, HR has already made their mark. From their debut single, “Queen,” to their 2018 album Champagne, HR has done just as their song “Casually” says: “I’ll give you what you need.” Many of their songs are upbeat and enchanting, but not to the point of glossy pop. They carry sounds channeling Day Wave and lyrical stories mimicking the likes of Tame Impala, while still conveying a unique sound. When asked how they came up with their band name, member Aaron Utterback told us they “sat in a room, drank a bunch of Miller Lite and threw band names into the void.” After their keyboardist, Paul Chelmis, suggested Human Resources, the other members were unimpressed. Months later, it was the only name they couldn’t get out of their heads. “It outlasted all of the other options,” Utterback says. Just as their band name outlasted the rest, HR is hanging on to traction with plans to keep entertaining the crowds. “We’re gonna play a bunch of shows if we don’t all die from coronavirus,” Utterback says. To hear the band’s new track, “Girlfriend’s House,” head over to Spotify. —Abrie Richison FRIDAY