The South Carolina Equality Coalition has called for the resignation of the Irmo principal who announced he would leave his position at the end of the 08-09 school year because he’s being forced to allow a gay/straight alliance at the school.

C. Ray Drew, Executive Director of South Carolina Equality, states “This Principal has emphatically and publicly stated that he does not support a significant portion of his student body.  He has created an atmosphere where intolerance is considered a principled stand.”

That is certainly the thing that got me. The school district’s response isn’t that this club provides a home base of sorts for gay and lesbian students to feel comfortable without fear of intimidation or harassment (or worse). No, instead the district argues that it had to allow the club — its hands were tied.  More from SCEC:

National research from the Gay Lesbian Straight Educators Network (GLSEN) shows that 80% of gay students do not know a single supportive adult at their school.  They show that 38% of gay students face hostility and violence in the course of their required attendance at school.  18% of gay students experience physical assault. Gay students face more verbal harassment and physical violence than any group of students.  Yet, the one mitigating factor for students is when they know a supportive adult at school.