Yesterday the S.C. Aquarium announced the completion of Kids Coast, an interactive learning area for preschool children. The installation, which was announced last year, highlights the topic of water filtration. Together with the PNC Foundation, which supports organizations that provide services for the benefit of local communities — and supported Kids Coast with a $150,000 grant — the Aquarium hopes to reach 60,000 toddlers every year.


In a press release S.C. Aquarium president and CEO Kevin Mills says, “Our new installation at Kids Coast will immerse preschoolers in the properties of water, and set the stage for successful STEM learning.”


If that sounds ambitious for toddlers, rest assured, there’s some “play-based learning” involved, with a soft play-area that encourages exploration (and potential, well, splats). Kids will be able to see how water filtration works by pressing a series of buttons that trigger air to move water through clear tubes. Sea creatures are also involved; guests can pull a lever to move a crab’s pinchers or a shark’s tail.

Learn more about the aquarium and all of its initiatives online at scaquarium.org.