The South Carolina Baptist Convention called for the federal government to repeal the newly passed hate crimes law that includes expanded protection to gays and lesbians, according to Baptist Press.

Regarding hate crimes legislation, South Carolina Baptists said such legislation “could effectively kill” freedom of speech by “criminalizing any verbal opposition to homosexuals and/or their lifestyle.” The resolution calls on Congress to repeal the recently passed legislation and (calls) on Americans “to avoid acts of hatred and violence toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered persons.”

If anyone wants to know why conservative Christians have a tough time selling their morals to the world, this is a prize example.

Avoid? Really? Why not call on Americans to end acts of hatred and violence toward LGBT people? What about calling on Americans to deplore acts of hatred and violence toward LGBT persons? Is it because there is some list of unavoidable acts of hatred and violence the rest of us aren’t aware of?

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