[image-1] Uncle Sam would be proud of South Carolina’s patriotism report card, which came just in time for next week’s Fourth of July holiday.

In case living in Charleston isn’t enough proof that you can celebrate your country’s history (however problematic) year-round, WalletHub’s recent study of patriotism across 13 metrics officially proves that we are ahead of 46 other states in national pride.

The finance website used data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and other national bodies and nonprofits to compare states’ civic and military engagement.

Numbers that were considered include the amount of military enlistees per 1,000 civilians, the number of volunteer hours per resident, and the number of Peace Corps and AmeriCorps volunteers per capita.

The Palmetto State ranks second on average number of military enlistees and number 5 on most veterans per capita.

Our military engagement rank is three out of 50, while our civic engagement rank—which considers matters as important as volunteering and as silly as Google searches for American flags—is a mediocre 26.

We did, however, rank number one on “civics education requirement,” which comes as a bit of a shock considering how notoriously bad we are at public education. [content-1]