If you drove on the highways around Charleston for your turkey-related activities this week, you probably encountered some atrocious driving. It may come as little comfort, but your suspicions have been confirmed statistically: South Carolinians are some of the worst drivers in the country.

Seattle-based CarInsuranceComparison.com released a report Friday that ranked all 50 states according to traffic fatalities, ticketing rates, drunk driving arrests, obedience to traffic signs, and careful driving. On the list of States with the Worst Drivers, South Carolina tied with Nevada at 10th place.

In the report, the larger the rank number in each category, the worse a state was. For example, Florida had the most tickets, so it got a 50 in that category. South Carolina drivers were actually ranked third-most careful in the nation, but that lone positive mark was balanced out by the state’s poor rankings at No. 30 for drunk driving, No. 33 for ticketing, No. 45 for failure to obey traffic signs, and No. 48 for fatalities per million miles.

Another interesting finding: Many of the worst states are in the southern half of the country. According to the study, the three states with the worst drivers are Louisiana, Missouri, and Texas. The three states with the best drivers are Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts (although anyone who has driven in Boston might question the methodology of the entire report).

Data for the study came from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, the American Motorists Association, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving.