We all know that Stephen Colbert of “The Colbert Report” hails from Charleston. But how many knew that the producer and writer of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” is from Columbia? As Bill Davis writes in Statehouse Report, Josh Lieb grew up an “up close and personal” view of South Carolina politics. You can read Davis’ entire take on our state’s new role as a star of late night TV comedy at www.statehousereport.com/

These days every time South Carolina sticks its proverbial foot in its mouth, comedian Jon Stewart unsheathes a segment on his show called, “Thank You, South Carolina,” during which the fake news anchor thanks the Palmetto State for making it so easy for his writers.

Surprisingly, the author of the segment, Josh Lieb, is a native of South Carolina who grew up in Columbia and graduated from Heathwood Hall. Heck, state Sen. Joel Lourie (D-Columbia) was his youth basketball couch.

Lieb, who serves as the show’s producer, says he is tired of his home state getting abused in the press and waits for the day he can stop writing jokes about it.

“South Carolina has done enough, it can absolutely rest on its laurels,” said Lieb, Thursday, taking a break from running the show in New York. “I can’t wait for some other state to take up the ‘crazy’ mantle.”

Growing up, Lieb said South Carolina was the “invisible” state, where national attention only focused ̶ 0;when a hurricane came ashore.” Suddenly, the state’s senators were getting quoted, and that felt good, he said. For a while.